About Us

Our mission is to make remote working a real choice

Our vision is to make working distributed a first choice for how people want to work, whilst helping teams lead happier and healthier lives. The ‘how’ we achieve this boils down to having a team of passionate employees who crave building creative features to make team meetings more effective. 

We started EmuCast in mid 2019 because we felt strongly about the future of work. Our founders set out to build a product that enables our vision of micro-video meetings. We believe wholeheartedly that micro-video meetings is the future of distributed work.

At EmuCast, we wanted it easier to run a business with employees and contractors who work remote or in distributed offices. So we're on a journey to deliver a simple platform.

Our founders wanted to build a product:        
➔That challenges the status quo
➔That connects business with employees and contractors working remotely, in distributed offices or across floors       
➔That not only adds value to business but leads the future in collaboration
➔That enables our vision of micro-video conferencing being the future     
➔That fosters the fun and maintains the team personal connection with each other

EmuCast is a remote team of techies living and working out of home offices and cafes.  New-age SaaS tools (like EmuCast, Zoho, Google Docs, GitHub, WhatsApp and Trello) help us stay connected and keep our team members collaborating. 

We believe that life is more than just work. We strongly believe in the age old saying of ‘drink your own champagne’ and so we use EmuCast hours upon hours daily to keep our business moving.

It’s great being remote and building a tool to support being remote. We love what we do, we stay engaged with our customers, and we grow both professionally and personally by staying connected.

We're big believers in the power of keeping it simple. No unnecessary features or bloated processes. We are 100% focused on building something our customers need and want to use daily. We’re investing in features that matter to our customers and that ensure our long-term success. We're on a warpath to create a product that has a feel good factor because of its beautiful simplistic design and value add to ensuring team collaboration happens seamlessly.

Sean Hamawi

Sean has 17 years of product development, Go-To-Market execution, and customer software delivery experience with a multitude of organisations from startup thru to enterprises. Prior to founding EmuCast, Sean co-founded Plutora Inc. Sean's passion drives the the product vision and Go-To-Market execution of EmuCast. Sean has completed a Diploma in Software Development.

Yashar Zolmajdi

Yashar brings a wealth of tech experience working in startups ranging in a variety of stages from seed right thru to Series C. Yashar is both a full-stack web and mobile application developer as well as a passionate network designer for high traffic SaaS apps. Yashar has completed a Master of Information and Communications Technology from Western Sydney University.