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EmuCast is the world’s first micro video meeting platform helping support distributed and remote teams work better.

The Boilerplate Description

Thanks to the internet, the way people communicate and collaborate is drastically different than it was 15, even 3 years ago. Messaging apps like WhatsApp, have become the preferred mode of communication in every aspect of consumer's lives, and now that users feel communicating freely over messaging apps the logical next step is video messaging at work for work activities.

EmuCast develops an application designed to support asynchronous communication (aka real-time communications) for teams of various sizes from startups to enterprises. EmuCasts team is remote first and has no single physical location but calls Sydney, Australia as it's true headquarters. Today, EmuCast is a young but ambitious company with a global vision to influence the future of work by enabling businesses in deploying a remote first strategy for hiring talent.

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